What is “Salacia” !?

For postprandial glucose-level control and metabolic syndrome, “Salacia” that inhibits sugar absorption as natural product, may be beneficial to a person.

“Salacia” which used to apply as Ayurvedic treatment against diabetes and obesity , is grown in India, Sri Lanka and South East Asia from ancient times.

Recently, we have found out a new function in “Salacia” as our research, “Salacia” has the properties to impede sugar and carbohydrate absorption and “Salacia” has contained a substance named “Salacinol” which is effective to inhibit α-glycosidase enzyme which is able to resolve from polysaccharide, glucan like starch into sugar.

Furthermore, “Salacia” has impeded sugar absorption on Maltose and Sucrose tolerance test, and we have confirmed reduction in fat and improvement in liver function by administrated “Salacia”.


1.“Salacia” has the properties to impede sugar and carbohydrate absorption as functional food-material. 2.“Salacia” is expected its multiple usage in small amount. 3. We are proceeding to collaborate on our research about “Salacia” together with  several Japanese universities. 4. We have strictly managed in our process to produce “Salacia” from the aspect on Safety and Effectiveness.

Scientific term
Salacia oblonga, Salacia reticulata,Salacia chinensis,
Active ingredient
Polyphenol derivatives, including “ Salacinol (DASDES) Kotalanol, Mangiferin, Catechins and Tannins.
”Salacia “usage example
For blood sugar level improvement and Obesity index improvement.

Active ingredient in “Salacia”

“Salacia” has inhibited the breakdown enzyme activity from oligosaccharides and polysaccharides into monosaccharide by competitive inhibition of α-glycosidase activity within lumen of the intestinal tract.
“Salacinol” (DASDES) and Kotalanol which are contained in “Salacia” as specific ingredient, have inhibited the enzyme activity of α-glucosidase.

“Salacinol” (DASDES)

”Salacinol” molecule structure

“Salacinol” crystals are colorless and transparence
  • 1 5 membered ring structure as thio-sugar sulfonate
  • 2 Sugar-chain structure involved a sulfate anion
  • 3 Intramolecular structure as salt

Our patent information

TAKAMA Co.,Ltd., has acquired the patent of
substance, “Salacinol” (DASDES) in USA and

Patent Number: Patent No., 3030008 in Japan Patent number: US637668 in USA

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Structural difference between “Salacinol” and diabetes medicines like voglibose and acarbose.

  • Pharmaceutical
products  Voglibose Acarbose with Amino-sugar structure
  • Voglibose
  • Acarbose
  • Compounds with thio-sugar structure
  • Salacinol
  • Kotalanol

α-glucosidase inhibition activity by Salacinol and Kotalanol (IC-50 value μg/ml)

α-glucosidase Salacinol Kotalanol Acarbose
Maltase 3.20 2.80 1.30
Sucrase 0.84 0.58 1.10
Isomaltase 0.59 1.90 100.00
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Main application and main usage on “Slacia”

 “Salacia” has something new properties  for dieting and anti-glycemia.

“Salacia”Salacia extract powder Salacia extract paste Salacia fine powder|Usage variation Tea, tablets, beverage Soup, jelly, candies, Confection, cookies
Breads, noodles, and etc.,|For their Application Functional foods Supplements, tea for diets Tea for health, beverage Pet food, and etc.,|For the purpose of usage Dieting, anti-metabolic syndrome anti-glycemia, anti-diabetes anti-obesity, body weight control preventive medicine comprehensive medicine|Target  maker Food manufacturers beverage manufacturers health-food manufacturers bakery, confectionery Pharmaceutical companies and etc.,

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